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The Benefits of Balance: Credibility, The Rule of Law, and Investment in Latin America

August 31, 2016
Macri e congreso nacional

Falling commodity prices and deteriorating economies recently handed victories to opposition parties on the Center-Right in Argentina and Venezuela. Many citizens of these countries and others in the region hope that electing Center-Right, pro-business governments will bring economic stability and investment back to countries that have long experienced net investment outflows under Left-leaning governments.

Author Gianluca Passarelli Presents his Book "The Presidentialization of Political Parties"

April 15, 2016

Do political parties have been invested by a process of “presidentialization”?

The presidentialization of politics is a relatively new and important phenomenon. However, the term presidentialization has become highly debatable. In particular, the more contentious side is offered by the suggestion that presidentialization of politics could make (semi) presidential regimes and parliamentary ones more similar to presidentialism.

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