Mexican Reporter Fired, Allegations Rampant

October 10, 2016

Last week reporter Carmen Aristegui of the Mexican news station MVS was released from her position with the company.  Aristegui is known for her reports on governmental corruption and is regard as one of the top reporters in Mexico. The firing comes several months after the reporter aired a report accusing President Nieto and his wife of corruption. Aristegui believes her firing was backed by the president and has announced that she will appeal her removal from MVS.

Carmen Aristegui Firing Speaks To a Greater Problem of Media Freedom in Mexico

October 10, 2016

Earlier this month, journalist and “Primera Emisión” news anchor Carmen Aristegui was let go from her position at Noticias MVS after exposing alleged Mexican government corruption. Aristegui, named the second most powerful woman in Mexico last year, is the central figure in this scandal, begging questions of silencing opposition in the Mexican media.1 She is known for respectable yet dangerous journalism marked by a 25 year stock of accolades; she is known to have quite the ego to match her career.

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