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The World Awaits: Brazil’s Lower Congress Again Debates Taking President Michel Temer to Trial on Corruption Charges

October 4, 2017

The President of Brazil, Michel Temer, once again faces the possibility of trial for corruption charges and even possibly impeachment for the second time since he came into office in August of 2016.

Lava Jato: An Overview

March 6, 2017

Last year as Brazil geared up to hold the Summer 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, a huge corruption scandal hit the country: “Operação Lava Jato”, or “Operation Car Wash”. After much turmoil and international attention, many thought the scandal would subside with the new year. However, this has not been the case. And the scandal is still making headlines over a year since it first began, having become clear that it involves more than just Brazil.

O Contínuo Problema de Corrupção no Governo Brasileiro

January 30, 2017

Todo mundo conhece o escândalo no Brasil o verão passado de “Lava Jato”, onde muitos deputados foram acusados e alguns condenados de utilizar fundos públicos para compras pessoais da empresa de petróleo nacional, PETROBRAS. Há muitos que dizem que o escândalo foi clave em precipitar o impeachment de Dilma Rousseff. Entretanto, mais alegações de corrupção e legislação para proteger a corrupção têm aparecidos nas semanas passadas.

Brazil's Impeachment Drama: Part Tragedy, Part Farce

April 27, 2016

Imagine that Shakespeare had written a political drama in which a once-beloved queen’s past indiscretions have come back to haunt her. The queen’s popularity has recently tanked due to months of economic decline in her kingdom as well as a fraud scandal surrounding the powerful families of the region. Although the queen hasn’t been directly tied to that scandal, it was just proven that she’s been cooking the books on government accounts.

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