Understanding Chile: A Complex Road to Stability

February 18, 2019

Today’s headlines surrounding Latin America illustrate a continent full of raging protests in Nicaragua, political oppression in Venezuela, and economic crisis’s in countries like Brazil and Argentina. Yet, there lies one country with significant stability compared to its Latin American brethren. Chile, although it encompasses a similar history to its neighbors, including economic instability, socialism, and military dictatorships—persists as a Latin American success story.

How Machismo Got Its Spurs—in English: Social Science, Cold War Imperialism, and the Ethnicization of Hypermasculinity

January 4, 2018
machismo ad

I do not remember the first time I heard the word machismo, nor the process by which I came to understand it as an epithet. Is this because I am a Los Angeles native? Maybe. But I think it more likely, given what I have now discovered about the word’s history, that it’s because I am an English-speaking denizen of the United States. My research traces the propagation of machismo as a shorthand—a global shorthand—for hypermasculinity to English-language sources, first and foremost academics.

Part II of III - Series on Marijuana in Latin America and the Caribbean

October 20, 2016

Part One of this series examines how marijuana arrived in the Western Hemisphere, who cultivated it locally, and why. Part Two looks at prohibitionist 20th century marijuana policies in Latin America and the Caribbean and their devastating social effects. Part Three looks at recent pro-marijuana activist efforts around the continent, as well as examples of progressive legislation that have begun to decriminalize the plant.

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