How Can We Read Argentine Postdictatorship Films Today?: Restoring Historicity

March 2, 2018

Whenever I tell people that I work on Argentine film, I can anticipate with almost no margin of error what their immediate response will be: "Oh, really? I recently saw a movie about the dirty war." What I cannot fully anticipate is which film they are referring to. They might have taken a Spanish class and watched Luis Puenzo's Academy-award winning La historia oficial, a 1985 melodrama on an average woman who gradually discovers that her adoptive daughter was born to disappeared parents.

Chilean Documentary Receives International Praise

October 20, 2016

Chilean filmmakers Catalina Vergara and Cristián Soto have recently received praise from British filmmaker and critic Robert Greene for their film entitled La última estación (The Last Station). Shot over a period of five years, this documentary follows the lives of five elderlies who reside together in a nursing home.

Filmmaker Alex Rivera Visits University of Pittsburgh

October 20, 2016

Peruvian-American award winning filmmaker Alex Rivera is known for his work portraying themes and issues that concern the Latino subject. His art focuses on topics such as migration, globalization, economics, politics and technology. Although much of his work uses Mexican subjects to illustrate these issues, his films highlight broader global social, economic, and political problems.

A Living Cinema: Notes on Eduardo Coutinho (1933-2014)

October 20, 2016

The sudden passing of Eduardo Coutinho, arguably Brazil’s finest documentarian, has left many of us feeling out of sorts. This is in part due to the circumstances of his death. It is an unwelcome turn of fate that a filmmaker known for his understated dramaturgy and rare gift for empathetic conversation should go in a manner so tragically Greek. Even if his death had been less dramatic, though, it would still feel untimely.

Filmmaker Alex Rivera Challenges the Borders of the Imagination

October 20, 2016

On February 11, University of Pittsburgh students and faculty had the unique pleasure of meeting the award-winning, Peruvian-American filmmaker Alex Rivera. He attended a public and several private classroom screenings of his feature film, Sleep Dealer (2008). Rivera’s presence provoked many thoughtful questions and conversations. He discussed topics ranging from the original inspiration of his film to the future of civil society protest.

Filmmakers Julio Ramos and Alex Schlenker to Visit Pittsburgh

October 19, 2016

This Friday, April 11th, the University of Pittsburgh will host documentary filmmakers Julio Ramos and Alex Schlenker for screenings and discussions of selected films. “The Poetics of Rediscovery: New Paths in Latin American Documentary” symposium will take place from 10AM-6PM in the Frick Fine Arts’ Auditorium.

The following is a brief schedule of the event:

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