#NiUnaMenos y el feminismo argentino

July 17, 2019

Cuando caminé por las calles de Buenos Aires por la primera vez, las únicas cosas más abundantes que los cafés y empanadas ricas en cada esquina fueron los pañuelos de colores distintos adjuntados a las carteras y mochilas de cada una mujer. Descubrí la importancia de estos pañuelos cuando fui a la marcha de las mujeres en el 8 de Marzo. Ese día, aprendí sobre el origen y la fuerza del movimiento feminista en Argentina.

What is 'feminicidio'? And why is it such a problem in Latin America?

February 14, 2018

Out of the 25 countries in the world with the highest rates of violence against women in the world, 14 of them are in Latin America and the Caribbean (UN Women). Of the top 10 countries considered to be the most dangerous for females, 7 are in Latin America (UN Women). These disturbing statistics have led people to question what exactly it is about Latin America that makes it so prone to this form of violence—and what, if anything, can be done to change this pattern.

Julieta Paredes Brings Discussion of Communal Feminism to Pittsburgh

October 10, 2016

In the spring semester of 2013, the University of Pittsburgh held an interdisciplinary conference entitled “Feminism and the Ruses of Coloniality” at which the Bolivian feminist Julieta Paredes gave a speech entitled “Communal Feminism is Revolutionary Feminism”. This year, Paredes attended the University’s First Symposium of Bolivianists, where she spoke again. Her talk was entitled “Depatriarchalization, a Categorical Proposal of Communal Feminism.”

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