'Venephobia' in Ecuador and throughout Latin America

February 5, 2019

Following the very public femicide of a pregnant Ecuadorian woman by her partner, a Venezuelan immigrant, violent protests have erupted among Ecuadorian citizens who are demanding a crackdown on immigration from Venezuela. After the start of the protests, Ecuador’s President Lenín Moreno announced that new measures would be considered to limit immigration and that security forces would be deployed to monitor Venezuelan immigrants. These public reactions to the murder, and Moreno’s response, have been harshly criticized by those who view them as xenophobic against innocent Venezuelans.

Imaginando héroes y ciudadanos: Identidades y alteridades nacionales en el Ecuador

August 17, 2018
¿A quiénes precisamente se refiere una persona cuando afirma que los ecuatorianos (o ya sea, cualquier otra nacionalidad) somos así o asá, nombrando una condición que, por un lado, compartirían los ecuatorianos y, por otro, supuestamente los diferenciarían de otras identidades nacionales? En afirmaciones de identidad nacional, se ponen en juego pertenencia y exclusión a partir de la negociación de la identidad y la alteridad, la interacción entre lo que decimos y los otros dicen qué somos y qué no somos.

Sumak Kawsay as an element of local decolonization in Ecuador

June 18, 2018

Buen Vivir has become a hot topic in the last years. It is present not only in research, but also in politics from local to global levels including the most visible platforms. This could be one explanation for the considerable vagueness and emptiness of the concept - it went through a chain of translations that marginalized the original contents and replaced them with contents deemed relevant by the translators themselves. Therefore, Buen Vivir appears as a proposal of ecologism or post-development related somehow to indigenous peoples.

Will Correa's 'political death' spell new life for Ecuador's left?

February 19, 2018

In 2015, Rafael Correa, the former president of Ecuador, officially passed a constitutional amendment which, in addition to a few auxiliary adjustments, formally eliminated presidential term limits.  Lawmakers who approved the measure did so under the terms that Correa would step aside for the 2017 election - which he did.

Ecuador’s Vice President arrested and placed in pre-trial detention: How the Odebrecht Scandal has encompassed most of Latin America, and now Ecuador.

October 10, 2017

In the latest development in a seemingly endless string of corruption discoveries and charges, Ecuador’s Vice President, Jorge Glas, has been placed by the Supreme Court into pre-trial detention while he is under investigation for his role in the vast Odebrecht scandal.

Biodiversity in the Tropical Andes: How it is Being Threatened, Why We Should Care, and How We Can Fix It.

September 20, 2017

The Amazonian and Andean regions of South America are home to some of the richest biodiversity on the planet. Of the top ten ‘megadiverse’ countries in the world, six are in Central/South America. Four of these countries house part of the Andes, and five house part of the Amazon rainforest (Hyatt 2014).

Ecuador: promises, skepticism, and moderate optimism surround Lenin Moreno’s inauguration

May 31, 2017

Lenin Moreno’s inauguration as President of Ecuador took place at the national assembly, through a ceremony through an important extent marked by the salience of exiting president Rafael Correa’s participation. After a pause while Correa abandoned the building in the middle of farewell honors, the new president delivered a speech that repeatedly emphasized the need for respect, tolerance, and dialogue. “I am everybody’s president, I owe everyone, I respect everyone,” he said.

Ecuador’s Coming Runoff Election: Following the Trend to the Right?

March 30, 2017

When Ecuador held an election to choose their next president in mid-February, candidate Lenín Moreno had a clear advantage over the seven other contenders, with over 10% more of the vote than the runner-up, Guillermo Lasso. But when Moreno’s final share of the vote, at 39.36%, came up just short of the 40% needed to win, it became clear that a runoff election would be needed. Suddenly a victory by Moreno was not such a sure thing, and polls started to point to a possible triumph by rival Lasso.


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