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Argentina’s Macri struggles to establish austerity measures in the face of economic collapse

September 24, 2018

As the value of its currency continues to fall and its economy edges nearer to collapse, Argentina’s government is scrambling to establish new measures to protect its currency and to save the country from a long-term recession. The government recently proposed a new plan for the 2019 budget which now includes various initiatives to cut government spending.

Political Mandate and Clarity of Responsibility: Economic Policies under Rightist Governments in Latin America

June 29, 2018

The "Pink tide" that swept across Latin America in the early part of the 21st century motivated political economists to develop a litany of theories to explain economic policy decisions under leftist governments in Latin America. And for the past fifteen years or so, these theories have done a fairly good job of driving scholarship on Latin America.

El Poder Económico Durante el Kirchnerismo

October 12, 2016

En este artículo presentamos algunas claves sobre la evolución del poder económico en la Argentina en este nuevo siglo. Ello es fruto de una investigación que se vio plasmada en un artículo publicado en el último número de la revista Latin American Research Review1 y en un libro reciente (Restricción eterna. El poder económico durante el kirchnerismo, Futuro Anterior, Buenos Aires, 20142) que editamos junto a nuestro colega Alejandro Gaggero.

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