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Alek Suni aleksuni Alek Suni is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, where he studied economics with a minor in Mandarin Chinese and a certificate in Latin American studies through CLAS. He has studied or worked in China, Ecuador, and most recently Brazil, where he spent a year conducting research on policies for alternative renewable energy sources as a Fulbright grantee. He now lives and works in Chicago.
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Alexis Takoushian alexis.Takoushian Alexis Takoushian is a junior at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in Political Science and Spanish Language with a Certificate in Latin American Studies. Last spring she completed the semester-long Brackenridge Fellowship through Pitt’s University Honors College in which she researched foreign intervention in the Venezuelan crisis. During summer 2018, she conducted research surrounding political attitudes of university students in Valladolid, Mexico through Pitt’s Center for Latin American Studies. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a degree within the field of international law.
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Alexis Vargas alexis.vargas10 Alexis Vargas is from Bolivia. She is candidate for a Master’s in Public Administration majoring in Policy Research and Analysis. She studied Business Administration at the Military School of Engineering in Bolivia. She worked for the Government of Bolivia., at the Ministry of Education of Bolivia and at the Ministry of Culture. She found Harmony of the Andes which is a startup nonprofit organization to be based in the United States developing health education programs for street children in Bolivia. She is an part-time instructor at the University of Pittsburgh
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Alfonso Buzzo Alfonso Buzzo Born and raised in Argentina, I have been working in development for the last ten years in a local slum with crack addicts and homeless people. After moving to Pittsburgh, I am currently an MID candidate at Pitt. Development and Latin American Social Justice are my main concerns, and I am willing to spend some time working in Washington after graduation at either the World or Inter-American Development Bank.
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Alfonso Gallardo Myers Alfonso_Myers Alfonso is a visiting scholar from University of Salamanca at the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. He is a senior PhD candidate in the program, “Rule of Law and Global Governance.” He holds a Master degree in "Corruption and Rule of Law" and a Master degree in "Democracy and Good Government" both from University of Salamanca, Spain, and a specialization in Political Development by the ICADEP, in Mexico. He is currently the recipient of the National Youth Award given by the Mexican Federal Government and Presidency of Mexico, and a current fellow of the National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico, CONACYT.
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Allison Marie Bustin Allison Marie Bustin Allison Bustin is dual degree student pursuing a Master’s degree in International Development at GSPIA and her Juris Doctor at Pitt Law. She studied Linguistics and Spanish at Pitt as an undergraduate. Allison is an RPCV, having served in Costa Rica from 2014-2016. She is currently learning Portuguese as a FLAS Fellow, and is working towards a certificate through the Center for Latin American Studies.
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Philipp Altmann Altman_LARR Philipp Altmann, studies in sociology, cultural anthropology and Spanish philology at the University of Trier and the Autonomous University Madrid (2001-2007). Finished his doctorate in sociology at the Free University of Berlin in 2013 with a work on the decolonial aspects of the discourse of the indigenous movement in Ecuador. Since March 2015, he is Profesor Titular for Sociological Theory at the Universidad Central del Ecuador. Research interests are: indigenous and social movements, decoloniality, identity, social exclusion, systems theory, political sociology, sociology of science.
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Alyssa Silver Alysete Alyssa Silver is currently a senior at the University of Pittsburgh studying Information Science with a Certificate in Latin American Studies. Ms. Silver is an intern with the Center for Latin American Studies and Panoramas as a Jr. Web Designer. Alyssa has traveled in Latin America and lived in Argentina for over a year. She is fluent in Spanish and loves learning new languages. She will be graduating in December of 2014 with the prospects of traveling to more countries in Latin America and continuing to learn about their culture.
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Amanda Seim Amanda Seim is an undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in Social Sciences. She lived in Nicaragua and Mexico for five years of her childhood, which fostered a strong interest in Latin American culture, history and politics. She is in her senior year.
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Andrew Van Treeck amv56 Andrew Van Treeck is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in Economics, Political Science, and History. This article was written as part of the course ‘Latin American Economic Development’, a writing seminar offered by Professor Marla Ripoll in the Department of Economics.