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What should we be asking about the new discovery of advanced ancient Maya civilization?

March 14, 2018

In February, a team of researchers in the jungles of northern Guatemala uncovered a secret which has been buried for thousands of years under its dense forested cloak.  According to the exclusive released by Tom Clynes from National Geographic, their mission revealed ruins of over “60,000 houses, palaces, elevated highways, and other human-made features” previously unbeknownst to scientists and scholars who study Maya history.  

Resiliencia académica, nuevas perspectivas de interpretación del aprendizaje en contextos de vulnerabilidad social/Academic resilience, new perspectives of interpreting learning in contexts of social vulnerability

February 26, 2018

Los países latinoamericanos tienen en común la persistente diferencia entre los resultados académicos de los estudiantes según su clase social. El presente ensayo se refiere a la relación entre el concepto de resiliencia y el aprendizaje en contextos de vulnerabilidad social. Se argumenta que este concepto permite comprender y analizar este fenómeno en su profundidad, de manera de contribuir a la búsqueda de mejores oportunidades de aprendizaje para todos.

Gendered Language: Tradition or Barrier to Equality?

February 20, 2018

Sometimes there are certain aspects of our lives that we simply do not question.  Children, who are often the only people courageous enough to go against the grain, grow accustomed to hearing the phrase, “it’s just the way it is.”

Language tends to be one of these unquestioned pieces of our behavior.  We may know nothing about the origin of the words we use everyday, or why we have to follow certain rules, but we usually adhere to what we have been provided.  

A novela culture

November 7, 2017

Brazil is the largest country in South America, and as such it is home to as many walks of life as it is terrains. When it comes to lifestyles, income, and education levels, there is no one Brazil. You can see this just by looking at the nation’s literacy rates; despite the growth in recent years which led many economists to regard Brazil as the future of the market, as of 2015, 7.4 percent of the population was still illiterate (Central Intelligence Agency 2017).


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